All New Mega Man Planned For 2017 Release

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The Mega Man series has been running at full steam since it first launched in 1987. To this day, the classic story is still yet to reach its climax. The Mega Man legacy now spans over fifty games on 25 different platforms, multiple TV series and there is even talk of a movie in the works. For all the ups and downs it has faced over the decades, it has retained a hardcore fan base that laps up everything Capcom releases in the franchise.

Due to be released in conjunction with Mega Man‘s 30th birthday in 2017, Man of Action Entertainment – the production studio behind Ultimate Spider-Man and Ben 10 – has offered us a glimpse of an all new animated series.

It is planned to explore the adventures of a young robot called Aki Light, unusually blessed with the opportunity to become the world’s first robot super hero: Mega Man. It follows him as he comes to terms with his new powers and responsibilities and as he learns to balance them with his day to day life in Silicon City.

Fans of the franchise will recognise some familiar faces in the new series. Aki’s beloved robo pup Rush will be reappearing, for instance. At the same time, a number of new characters will be introduced to lend the series a fresh image and a sense of originality – look out for Mega Mini.

But the team behind the new show promise that it will have all the innocence and optimism that made fans fall in love with their little robot hero, as well as that effervescent abundance of humour that is entwined with the personality of such an iconic character.

While the studio fully intends to keep all Mega Man’s best bits, that’s not going to stop him bursting into his fourth decade of gaming legend with a shiny new look.

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