If you’ve somehow managed to not hear about Marvel‘s big secret Captain America Spoiler that fired up the Internet yesterday, then we hoped you enjoyed your cave spelunking adventure, because everyone else heard about it, even the Amish. There was no escaping it. We won’t actually talk about specifics until after the jump, but we do have Chris Evans, the Marvel Cinematic Universe Captain America’s response to the whole thing.


So Cap has been a Hydra agent all along. At least that is what writer Nick Spencer wants you to believe. That is not Steve Rogers tied up, that is Jack Flag, an old friend of Caps. Here’s what Evans had to say:

Fans weren’t so nice, many showing support for Evans and a bit of anger towards Spencer.

Brett Dalton, from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. tweeted out this fantastic tweet:

Spencer himself responded to Evans tweet:

Spencer took the high road when responding to many angry fans, even after many of the tweets directed at him were actually quite vile and threatening… death threatening.

It well and fine to be upset, but telling someone to die, get raped, or other equally upsetting epitaphs is not cool, it’s down right uncivilized, but apparently that is the Internet we live with today. As with many other comics, this is just another story arc that will eventually return the character to his original patriotic American state. So get your panties out of bunch folks, it’s just a comic book. Have some fun-loving or hating it but at least enjoy the ride.


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