Stan Lee’s Next Cameo Could Feature … You

Stan Lee

One of the most prolific creators in all of nerddom – not to mention, one of the most commonly spotted Easter eggs in the Marvel cinematic universe – Stan Lee has become almost as widely recognised for his quirky movie cameos as for his wealth of iconic comic creations. His impact on the comic community and industry is all but unrivalled. The worlds and characters he has written have been celebrated the world over. He was integral to the work that made Marvel ahuge multimedia corporation, from its roots as a small division of a publishing house. He spearheaded the first significant challenge to censorship in comic books.

A familiar face in many halls of fame, librerally showered with awards for both niche and widespread arts achievements, his sense of humour and habit of cropping up in the background of blockbusters has secured his place in the Marvel nation’s hearts.

From his likeness appearing as Fred’s father in Big Hero Six to his cheeky grin popping up in the strip club in Deadpool, it is becoming a game to spot him in photo frames and old folks’ homes and crowds of stunned onlookers as heroes and villains run rampage through cities in the fight between good and evil.

In a Q and A session at MegaCon 2016, he announced for the first time – almost off hand, perhaps as if he was joking, maybe as if this is the first time the idea was truly being vocalised – that he is planning to share his upcoming cameo with a lucky fan.

“I have decided to give somebody a cameo in my cameo, I think I’ve been keeping them to myself long enough. I thought it would be funny.”

It’s well known that often Lee doesn’t know what will be involved in his cameo until very late in the game. Whether or not this will impact his decision, he hasn’t said. But it’s a great idea and, with the influence that he has over the industry, not unlikely to happen if it’s something he’s really set his mind to.

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