Transformers has had some serious criticism thrown its way since the first film was released back in 2007. This hasn’t stopped director Michael Bay developing more movies involving the ongoing battle between the Autobots and the DecepticonsWhen the title was announced for Transformer 5 (The Last Knight) audiences were also reintroduced to the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime in a very short teaser video, with Prime’s face followed by the title. Putting two and two together, fans have theorized that the “Last Knight” could be Optimus Prime himself. Now, today, audiences were introduced to another cast member....

This video was released on Michael Bay’s Instagram (as well as the official Transformers Twitter) and bears some similarities to the Optimus Prime video but doesn’t really resemble any of the known Transformers.

It’s starting. This week production. Megatron is back. #transformers #decepticons#

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The video is slightly vague, particularly with the face being difficult to recognize. However, Bay cleared up any confusion about who the mystery machine could be with the caption of the video on his official Instagram.

So there you have it. The image that was released is in fact Megatronthe leader of the DecepticonsMegatron does look massively different to the way he has looked in any film. What is most interesting about the image of Megatron is the similarities to the video released by Michael Bay weeks before. Both Prime and Megatron have purple eyes and red streaks down their face. Could this indicate possession? Is there a possibility of outside control? Or is this the start of an unlikely allegiance? Maybe it’s just a robo-fashion statement? The short videos leave more questions than answers but it does seem pretty certain that Transformers: The Last Knight has its villain.

Audiences will know very little about the movie as it has only just started production this week but with Michael Bay at the helm, we know that there will be plenty of metal grinding action and massive explosions! Even without indication to the story, these two very simple teasers have sparked up plenty of reaction from fans of the films and their critics alike. Which piece of Transformers lore do you think will be included in the next installment? Or does this look to be an entirely new idea conjured up by Michael Bay and his team?

Transformers: The Last Knight will star Mark Whalberg and Josh Duhamel and is due for release in June 2017.


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