Yeah… yeah. Everyone is getting tired of hearing about Paul Feig‘s Ghostbusters reboot, but like it or not, it is news in the Nerdy world of news. This time around there’s a new television clip from across the pond that reveals a big cameo for the movie. We won’t talk about which original Ghostbusters character cameo is revealed until after the jump, so if you don’t want to know, don’t click. Consider that your spoiler warning.


Well you made the jump and now you know it’s Dan Aykryod, who released his opinion about the reboot earlier today. Here’s the UK television clip:

Well, that certainly kills any hopes some might have been holding out that Ray Stantz would be making an appearance. This reboot had completely cut the ties to the originals, besides having cast members make these types of cameos.

Stacked against the Casper cameo back in 1995 this new cameo is a bit of a disappointment. Why not have Aykryod apply to be a Ghostbuster or something else?

It is surprising that any of the cameos are being revealed now and not held for those going to screenings, but then the marketing for this reboot has been shaky at best. The first trailer was confusing and incorrect in details. Overall Sony and Feig haven’t handled the backlash very well. Taking a more confrontational stance towards those with issues about the reboot. Why waste energy and respond to those haters, just work on getting the rest of the world into a theater seat.

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