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Friday the 13th,’ the horror series of films that has been a staple in the slasher flick genre for what will now be four decades, is only a little over six months from returning to the big screen. Fans have been patiently waiting since 2009’s reboot ‘Friday the 13th‘ for the next film in the franchise to be released, and after a number of obstacles and setbacks, it appears the movie is a go next January.

People have speculated as to what this new film will feature: newly found footage, a reboot, or a new project entirely? We do know that this latest version will feature a fresh origin story for the hockey mask-wearing Jason Voorhees.

So far, this project has yet to announce any cast members. The only individuals tied to this project is producer Brad Fuller (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows) and screenwriter Aaron Guzikowski (Prisoners). The movie is still in need of a director after David Bruckner left the project.

During a recent interview with The Reel Word, Fuller explained that they are revisiting the machete-wielding Voorhees.

Aaron’s story has great characters…You kind of have to understand Jason Voorhees, so we go back and we kind of started over and work our way forward. Origin-ish, but it’s an origin that no one has seen before. Obviously Pamela’s there, but it’s a little bit different from what you’ve seen before.

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The producer also confirmed that they have scrapped their original plans to use previously lost footage for this movie, although he wouldn’t reveal any more specific details on the story.

The original Friday the 13th arrived in 1980, with many of the sequels released in the 80s. The ninth movie, ‘Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday,’ was released in 1993. 2002 saw the release of ‘Jason X‘ and ‘Freddy vs. Jason‘ the following year. 2009’s ‘Friday the 13th‘ remake was the last film produced. All total, there have been 12 films in the franchise. Next year’s movie is luck number 13!

‘Friday The 13th’ is set to open on January 13th, 2017.

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