In the long ago days that were the early 90’s nerdy kids had a couple of choices for their science fix. The infamous Bill Nye and the slightly lesser known but equally awesome Beakman. Beakman’s World was a great introduction to science, it was hilarious and it had a guy in a giant rat costume, what more could kids ask for? Beakman has been sorely missed in the science television world, but he’s made a one off appearance to show today’s kids just what they’ve been missing.

Captain Disillusion has brought back a little piece of our childhood with his latest web video. While he usually covers video and photo trickery on his series, this time he has a little help in the form of Beakman himself. Beakman shows up to help the good Captain debunk some videos featuring perpetual motion. Instead of focusing on the camera gimmicks and illusions, Beakman brings us over to the sciencey side of things to explain why perpetual motion is just a parlor trick. The video is a great reminder to those of us who remember the joy of 90’s television, and is pretty educational as well. Perhaps we’ll see more of Beakman in the future, and maybe next time, he’ll bring the rat. Check out the full video below and transport yourself to back to a more innocent time of science, cool hair and amazing lime green lab coats!

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