Joel Silver has been trying to get Logan’s Run back on the big screen for the last 20 years. Silver and Warner Bros. have gone through 17 different writers, and Ryan Condal makes 18. The classic Sci-Fi tale from William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson has resurfaced every few years at Warner Bros. with a new writer tackling the script and casting/directing talk which soon faded back into the shadows of that storeroom where the government placed the Ark of the Covenant. The question is, will this time be any different?logans-run-movie

Word is that Condal will be basing his script on the Logan’s Run Treatment that Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Apocalypse) wrote. Kinberg is reported to be producing along with Joel Silver and Greg Berlanti. That’s right, DC’s television guru Berlanti will be involved in this latest attempt to get Logan’s Run back into theaters. Berlanti’s addition to the production team lends some hope that it might just make it this time around.

There’s talk that the latest version of Logan’s Run has the gender swap in place with a woman playing the Logan-5 role. A female Sandman would be fine, but let’s not name her Logan, that makes no sense. Swapping Logan-5 and Jessica-7’s gender would be fine, although perhaps a Francis-7 could be Francine-7 and chase Logan and Jessica across the wastelands outside the dome.

The movie was very different form the books, which raised the age of the ritual of Carrousel to 30. The book set the age at 20, which we could see a return to in this latest attempt to bring the Logan’s Run back.

Only time will tell if this latest attempt might make it past the discussion and first draft stage. If you ask William Nolan about it, don’t be surprised that he has given up any hope that the movie might make a comeback.

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