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As reported earlier in the week, Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson (‘United States of Tara,’ ‘Community,’ ‘Trainwreck) is in negotiations for the lead role in the upcoming film from Marvel/Disney ‘Captain Marvel.’ The 26-year old Sacramento, California native is even listed on as ‘rumored’ for the role. The film is still looking for its director.

Though a decision has yet to be made for the lead, the actress is reportedly the studio’s top choice and Brie is interested in taking on the role. We also now know two new names which have been added to the list of potential directors. Still, everything is in negotiations and not confirmed by the studio.

In the meantime, with Larson’s name being dropped in conjunction with the film, fans began wondering, “What would Brie look like as Captain Marvel?” Thanks to some crafty individuals, we now have a couple of images of fan artwork depicting Larson as Carol “Captain Marvel” Danvers.

The artwork on the left (as seen below) was created by artist BossLogic, who shared his vision of Brie Larson as ‘Captain Marvel’ yesterday on his Twitter account. Though we still have absolutely nothing revealed as to the details of the script, or the costume Danvers will sport, it is quite likely the one used in both of these fans’ artwork will be the one feature in the film.

The fan art on the right was shared on Nowseed‘s Twitter page. The spanish-speaking Canary Islands tweeter gives another look at ‘Captain Marvel‘ but seen in space and with darker hair.

Take a look at the fan artwork below…

Capt Marvel pic 2 Capt Marvel pic 1

Marvel is looking for a female director to helm this project; early talks had Angelina Jolie possibly directing the film, but that rumor dissipated. Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Meg LeFauve (Inside Out) are writing the script for ‘Captain Marvel.’ Directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo let it slip that Captain Marvel will be featured in their film Avengers: Infinity War, which begins shooting this November for a May 4th, 2018 release, meaning the hiring for the role should be fairly soon. One name that has circulated for the director’s gig is Emily Carmichael. Though Emily has 13 directing credits to her name, this would be her first feature film, as her prior work has been in short films and television. Now, two more names have surfaced as potentials.

THR is reporting that Jennifer Kent, the director of the horror flick ‘The Babadook,’ and Niki Caro, who has directed films such as ‘McFarland, USA’ and ‘Whale Rider.’ Caro has worked previously with Disney on ‘McFarland, USA’ and that could help give her an edge.

Emily CarmichaelEmily Carmichael Directorial Credits: 

 TBD Powerhouse (announced)
 2015 Stryka (Short)
 2013 Film School Shorts (TV Series – 1 episode)
 2013 RPG OKC (Short)

 2011 The Adventures of Ledo and Ix (TV Series – 8 episodes)

 2009 Ledo and Ix 2 (Short)
 2009 Play/Stop (Short)
 2009 The Ghost and Us (Short)
 2008 That’s My Majesty (Short)
 2008 Young Love (Short)


Niki CaroNiki Caro Directorial Credits: 
2017 Callas (pre-production)
 2016 The Zookeeper’s Wife (post-production)
 2010 42 One Dream Rush (Short)
 2002 Whale Rider
 2001 Mercy Peak (TV Series)
 2001 Dark Stories: Tales from Beyond the Grave (“Sure to Rise“)
 1994 Sure to Rise (Short)
Jennifer Kent
Jennifer Kent Directorial Credits: 
 2017 The Nightingale (pre-production)
 2014 Dook Stole Christmas (Short)
 2014 The Babadook
 2006 Two Twisted (TV Series – 1 episode)
 2005 Monster (Short)
So, what do you think of the Brie Larson/Captain Marvel fan art? And who would you like to see direct the film? Let us know in the comments!

‘Captain Marvel’ is scheduled to be arrive in theaters on March 8th, 2019.

Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel, first debuted in 1968’s “Marvel Super-Heroes”#13. She was a U.S. Air Force security chief who is transformed into Captain Marvel following an explosion that involved Kree technology. Among Captain Marvel’s powers are superhuman strength and the ability to fly after her DNA was infused with a Kree alien. 

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