Seemingly straight out of Orgrimmar, actress Jamie Lee Curtis arrived in Orc cosplay to last night’s premiere of Duncan Jones‘ fantasy flick Warcraft! Curtis schmoozed with cast members and fans of the film alike, posing for pictures and recording videos- including a pretty impressive nod to “Leroooooy Jenkins!” Her look came off a little more Malificent than Orc, maybe a brow piece or some big bottom teeth pieces would’ve been a bit more accurate. But this fangirl is no stranger to cosplay fun!Curtis attended Blizzcon earlier this year decked out as one of the Forsaken from World of Warcraft, and channeled her inner Street Fighter Vega for the esports fighting game tournament EVO.  It’s always fun to see celebrities geek out as hard as we do about different game franchises. It’s easy to forget that big-time actors and actresses can enjoy some gaming downtime too! Below are the pics of Curtis’ Orc shenanigans.

(That FORTHEHORDE hashtag!!)




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