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In early September 1992, Fox debuted Batman, now universally known as Batman: The Animated Series. The show took off where Tim Burton’s Batman left off: a dark, art-deco world of the Dark Knight filled with the usual rogue’s gallery (and then some). From its very debut, Batman changed the world of the caped crusader forever. It altered the way countless kids saw Batman and to this day is the definitive version of the character for many. But just how influential was this era of Batman?

KaptainKristian‘s new video essay makes the case that Batman: The Animated Series contains “the quintessential portrayal of The Dark Knight” and explains, in thoughtful detail, what master strokes in design, story telling, and psychology creators Paul Dini and Bruce Timm used to craft this genre defining version of Batman; and what a lasting cultural impact its had.

Mr KaptainKristian video is uniquely well produced, with a narrative of controlled passion and carefully considered analysis. His insight into Batman TAS is profound as it is intelligent.  If anyone ever missed out this cartoon growing up or doesn’t understand why everyone holds it up to such a high pedestal, this video essay perfectly, and poignantly, explains why TAS is as good as it is.

While they seem very happy staying in animation land, a reflective piece like this makes one wonder…. why doesn’t Warner Brothers tap Paul Dini and Bruce Timm for their DCEU? Everyone who has touched Batman has left their mark in some way, but none have done more for the character, or understands him, and the world he inhabits (and the people in it) than these two guys. Why Warner Bros didn’t/doesn’t drive a truck full of money to their residences with a note that reads “Give us a Batman movie and do it YOUR way” is a mystery us lower level mortals will never come to understand.

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