It seems like Lobo has been stuck in development hell forever – and it has. The DC property, about an intergalactic alien mercenary, was originally optioned for a film way back in 2009. Back then it was Guy Ritchie taking the helm and we briefly had a period where The Rock was in talks to play the bad ass bounty hunter. This past March Jason Fuchs was tapped to write the script after impressing Warner Bros. with his Wonder Woman job. The questions still remain, will we ever see live action Lobo, and which Lobo will we get?

Fuchs has now possibly dropped us a few hints. Evidently the film is still in the works since he’s actively working on a draft of the script but more importantly his Instagram picture shows us the original old-school Lobo we all know and love.


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DC has been revamping characters lately and Lobo got a makeover as well with a new svelte figure. These new versions of old favorites have been the primary basis for the recent batch of DC inspired television, with Arrow, Flash and Supergirl all following the so-called New 52. It stood to reason that Lobo would follow suit and we’d see the much trimmer, camera friendly figure that is gracing comics today. Fuchs may be just doing a little research into some of the old Lobo stories, but he may be giving us a hint that in his version Lobo is still the giant muscle-bound crazy guy we all fraggin love. Fingers crossed that Fuchs does right by the last Czarnian and maybe in the near future we’ll get to see Lobo up on the big screen where he belongs.

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