The latest trailer from love him or hate him director Kevin Smith has arrived. Smith has always been rather polarizing to audiences but his latest movie Yoga Hosers looks to stretch even the staunchest fans. It stars Smith’s daughter Harley Quinn, along with Lily Rose Depp, Johnny Depp’s daughter, as two convenience store clerks. Before you get excited about a throwback to the days of Dante and Randall, be advised – there’s a foot tall Nazi bratwurst (played by Smith himself) involved. Clerks 2.0 this is not. Still with a PG-13 rating subversive adult commentary on the world is not what Smith was intending. Yoga Hosers seems to be him having fun, the question remains do the rest of want to join in the fun?

Yoga Hosers is supposed to be the second film in Smith’s Canadian trilogy, with the first of the set being 2014’s Tusk. If you saw Tusk you know that Smith is already venturing into very odd territory. The two famous offspring are reprising their roles from Tusk as Colleen and Colleen, bored teenage clerks in the Eh-2-Zed convenient mart. This time around they are battling Nazis, er Bratzis which appear to have taken over the store. It looks like a live action cartoon, it feels like some of the low budget oddball movies from the 80’s and it’s definitely different from any other Kevin Smith movie we’ve seen before. The new trailer gives us so much absurdity in less than three minutes that it’s hard to grasp what you’ve just watched.

After that trailer curiosity abounds; it could turn out rather charming and goofy, or it could be such a huge mess everyone will long for the days of Jersey Girl. Smith pulls his latest crop of regulars into the mix on this one too, and you can spot his wife Jennifer Schwalbach Smith, his Hollywood Babble-On podcast co-host Ralph Garman, and Tusk starrer Justin Long in the trailer. Johnny Depp reprises his weird role as Guy Lapointe as well.  Yoga Hosers could turn out to be a silly, fun way to kill an hour and a half this summer, but we’ll just have to wait and see. For better or worse Yoga Hosers will hit select theaters on July 29th. 

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