The day before his Fantastic Four movie came out last summer, Josh Trank posted a now famous, though quickly deleted, Twitter post than said, “A year ago I had a fantastic version of this. And it would’ve received great reviews. You’ll probably never see it. That’s reality though.” Given the resounding thud that the movie landed with last August, a lot of fans and critics somehow doubted that this film ever had a good version, but one of the actors in Fantastic Four is now saying that Trank was right. His version was good, and that’s too bad because we’ll never see it.

While talking to The Daily Beast, actor Toby Kebbell – who played Doom in the reboot – was asked about his experience working on Fantastic Four. Rather than reliving the failure, Kebbell attached himself to Trank’s previous statement, echoing the director’s now famous tweet that there was once a good a cut of the film, and how it’s sad that fans will never see that.

“I tell you, the honest truth is [Trank] did cut a great film that you’ll never see. That is a shame. A much darker version, and you’ll never see it.”

You might read that as an actor trying to put a happy face on a career misstep, but Kebbell’s been remarkably candid about the film and the fallout from fans. “I was disappointed, but the fans aren’t wrong,” he told IGN last fall. “The fans want what they want to see, and if they don’t get satisfaction, they let you know and I appreciate that as a performer.” There were a lot of big expectations about Fantastic Four, and even some positive hype, but whether it was because of studio interference, or because Trank let the film get away from him, there’s no doubt that Fantastic Four, as you can see it right now, is terrible, and knowing that there might be a better version out there does nothing to change that.

In the end, it seems that Kebbell’s career hasn’t been hurt too much by appearing in last summer’s biggest bomb. He appears in Warcraft, which opens this Friday, and you’ll be able to see him in the Ben-Hur remake later this summer. Next year, he’s part of the all-star cast of Kong: Skull Island. And there’s always that Fantastic Four sequel… hehhehheh.

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