Just in case you didn’t know how you’d be spending the rest of your afternoon, Comedy Central has just posted every Key & Peele skit, including 176 that have not been released online before, along with a bunch of uncensored ones, for free. No sign up, no monthly charge, no suggested donation, just all the Key & Peele you can watch before you have to stop to pee. Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are at the top of their comedic game.


So many memorable characters, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Every skit is there though, so you’ll quickly find yourself lost in a river of comedy. Now don’t be surprised that you’ll have to watch a Warcraft trailer or some other ad before each skit. That’s where the free part ends, but thankfully those are short ads. There’s a bunch of extras in there too, some sound bites, some behind the scenes looks, and other sundry looks at the show.

So click on over to Comedy Central and get your Key & Peele on.


Via: Comedy Central

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