Few things conjure up childhood nostalgia better than the tone and aesthetic of 80’s Amblin Entertainment features like The Goonies*batteries not included, and especially Steven Spielberg’s seminal E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. That’s why it’s no surprise that Netflix would tap into that to create an original series about a group of kids trying to figure out what happened to their vanished friend while mysterious things continue to happen around them, including the inevitable appearance of shadowy men in hazmat suits. The trailer for Stranger Things dropped today and, boy, does it look good! Check it out below!

Set in 1980’s small town Indiana, Stranger Things looks similar to other attempts at recreating that classic 80’s nostalgia, like J.J. Abrams’ Super 8. To that end, Stranger Things has even enlisted to help of Winona Ryder and Matthew Modine. Only time will tell if the eight episode series can sustain the strength of the trailer, but so far it looks promising. Here is the official synopsis of the show:

Set in Hawkins Indiana in the 1980’s, Stranger Things chronicles the search for a young boy who vanishes into thin air under highly suspicious circumstances. His mother (Winona Ryder) opens an investigation into the boy’s disappearance with local authorities that unravels a series of mysteries involving top-secret government experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and one very strange little girl. A love letter to the ubiquitous cult classics of the 80’s, Stranger Things is a coming of age story for three boys that draws this quaint community into a world where mysteries lurk beneath the surface.

Stranger Things will premiere on Netflix on July 15.






What did you think of this trailer? Are you excited for Stranger Things?

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