There are very few truly great wonders of the world and gosh darn it if Jeff Goldblum isn’t one of them. Man hasn’t done anything relevant since his Jurassic Park days and that movie about the aliens where team USA saves the world..what was it called, oh yea, Independence Day. The man has a unique quirk and charm that has made him into an everlasting national treasure. Why take this here recent viral video for the upcoming Independence Day sequel (a movie many have said was made 20 years too late) as an example of the fine-tuned vocal delivery, mannerisms, and that distinct “Hahahrawrrahaha” laugh that make Goldblum pop culture gold.

In the video, Earth Space Defense head David Levinson (Goldblum’s character in Independence Day) takes it upon himself  to debunk one of the surreal rumors about the War of 1996. You know, the one that he and actor Jeff Goldblum are the same person.

The video didn’t debunk anything. The only thing it managed to prove is that the only thing better than Jeff Goldblum is more Jeff Goldblum.

Speaking of which, what a joyous time we’re in, here on the the cusp of a Jeff Goldblum renaissance. Thanks to the Internet with their memes, listicles, and hilarious .gifs (like the one above) Mr Goldblum has become more popular than ever. And with Independence Day 2 coming around the corner, as well as Jeff Goldblum being tapped to play Grandmaster in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, a new age of Goldblum is upon us and it promises to be glorious.

Independence Day: Resurgence hits theaters on June 24.


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