Vicki Vale Joins the Bloated Cast of ‘Gotham’


If Gotham can be depended upon to do one thing, it’s continue to expand its intrepid cast of future Batman players year after year. This thing’s starting to look like Game of Thrones they’ve got so many people in the mix, but here we are again, being teased with the imminent arrival of another major Batman character, just in time for season three. The producers of Gotham are now looking for a young woman in her 20s to fill the journalistic shoes of a character that’s been featured on screen before in 1989’s Batman, but it seems somewhat unlikely that she’ll be in an position to seduce Bruce Wayne this time. 

TVLine has confirmed a rumor they’ve previously reported that “Valerie,” who is “and ambitious young journalist,” is actually Vicki Vale. Casting is underway to find the young woman in the her “late-20s” to take up the role that was famously played by Kim Basinger in the Tim Burton film.

The character of Vicki Vale hasn’t been a frequent or consistent played in the comic book Batman stories, but she has been a long standing one. Vicki first appeared in Batman #49 in 1948, and it is said that Batman creator Bob Kane modeled her on Norma Jeane Mortenson, who would later become internationally well-known as Marilyn Monroe. She was a Gotham Gazette reporter that frequently wrote about Batman, but the character was dropped from the comics in the early-60s. She came back to prominence though after 1989’s Batman film.

Vicki Vale is one of a number of Batman characters rumored to be in the mix for season three, including the Mad Hatter and Scarface. We’ll see who all shows up when Gotham returns this fall on Fox.


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