‘Titanfall 2’ Single Player Trailer Released


Earlier today, Electronic Arts hosted the first ever EA Play event prior to E3 at simultaneous conferences in London and Los Angeles. The conference had the usual offerings of gameplay changes and new trailers we have come to expect, with the added bonus of being able to play the games at the show. Among huge announcements for Fifa 17 and Mass Effect Andromeda, EA also released a brand new trailer for the long awaited Titanfall 2. Although the first game in the franchise received amazing reviews one of the biggest downfalls was the lack of single player mode. It was leaked this morning that Titanfall 2 will definitely have a single player campaign prior to EA releasing a trailer for it this evening. Take a look at the trailer below!

The trailer shows detailed environments and some intense action from humans and titans alike. The single player campaign will focus largely on the relationship between pilot and titan and will hopefully engage players further into the world of Titanfall.

The fast paced, fluid combat system that made Titanfall so brilliantly unique looks to have returned for the sequel. Respawn and EA have developed a story that includes titans, not only as a weapon but as a piece of the narrative. With the introduction of AI controlled characters in single player, comes the opportunity to offer different forms of enemies. This will add another level of challenge to the already in depth game play style, as the player takes on a non-human threat. Both multiplayer and single player will also introduce a varied selection of titans to suit different play styles (including one shown in the trailer with an Optimus Prime style sword!)

Although there is not a great amount of gameplay on show in the single player trailer, viewers of the EA play conference were treat to a short amount of multiplayer gameplay, which can be seen here. The announcement proved that Titanfall is back with some serious quality and has made some major changes that should get fans of the first person shooter genre excited.

Titanfall 2 will be available for Xbox One, PC and (for the first time) Playstation 4 on October 28th, 2016.

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