The mega video game expo known as E3 doesn’t official kick off until tomorrow (June 14th) but on this, the eve of the industry’s biggest media event, comes a slew of advance gaming trailers and footage. Already, we’ve seen some exciting trailers for Halo Wars 2 and Titanfall 2, as well as seeing some intriguing developments from X-Box’s Project Scorpio. Coming off the already exciting day in gaming, comes some footage Gun Media‘s upcoming Friday the 13th video game. They just revealed five new minutes of gameplay footage and it looks promising, and a little boring , but mostly promising.

Friday the 13th : The Game began life as ‘Summer Camp’ a game heavily inspired by the Friday the 13th horror movie franchise. The game took on the official name and launched a Kickstarter on October 13 2015, and hit its goal of $700,000 by November 10 2015.

The game has a multiplayer focus, in “1 vs. 7 ” game play that sees a team of seven camp counselors, made up of varying horror movie stereotypes, trying to survive Jason’s murderous visit to their camp, with the final player taking on the role of Jason himself.

This is truly a horror fanatics wet dream come true as it allows you to play as Jason, for the first time in a long time (Mortal Kombat X doesn’t really count!) and utilize brutal and bloody kills such as curb-stomping, skull tearing and classical machette-based throat cutting in order to hunt down and decimate other players. You can even recreate iconic kills, like the “sleeping bag kill” and earning additional experience for doing so, as well as feeling pretty damn badass!

To top off how awesome this game is shaping up to be; Kane Hodder, who played Jason, is actually involved with the game himself, and reprising the role through motion capture.

This 5 minute preview gives an early inside look at how you’ll control and utilize Jason, as well as witness means of escape and evasion from the counselor’s perspective! The footage comes from an early alpha version of the game, so note that the finished version should have improved textures and more fluid animations.

Not sure if the game will live up to its promise, but let it be said, you can make a great video game out of the F13 formula more easily than you can make even a competent movie.

The game is set to unleash fall of 2016.

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