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Game of Thrones manages to always bring the heat, no matter who’s involved in it (except for Dorne). While we didn’t get anything in the North, enough was going on elsewhere in Westeros and Essos. This week The Hound went on a rampage to exact his revenge against the Brotherhood Without Banners for their slaughter of his former village. Brianne and Jamie got involved in a little politics in The Riverlands. More and more politics happened between Cersei and the Sparrows. Tyrion bit off more than he could chew with The Masters, and Arya and The Waif once against got to meet up for their usual “dance.”

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the “Game of Thrones” Season 6 episode “No One.”


Much of this episode took place in the Riverlands. Last week we got reintroduced to The Hound, who was living a quiet life in a commune dedicated to peace and he was enjoying the good life. H’s tranquil existence quickly erupted when they were visited by The Brotherhood Without Banners, who for their own selfish reason slaughtered them all, included his mentor. Of course, we all know what’s to come next: the Hound is back in full force! He proceeded to dispatch them with extreme prejudice and even managed to drop in a few one-liners as he does it.

When he catches up with other members, we are also reunited with Beric, who we haven’t seen since season three. It turns out that the members of The Brotherhood Without Banners who slaughtered the village were actually rogue members, and not acting on Beric’s orders. Beric was in the process of actually putting them down when he is interrupted by The Hound. At first, The Hound is ready to slaughter everyone, but Beric respects The Hound and his abilities on the account of The Hound actually killing him the last time they met. After a brief negotiation, Beric allows The Hound to go ahead and kill two of the three members by a hanging much to The Hound’s disdain.

Beric then attempts to recruit The Hound into the fold with The Brotherhood. As they serve the Lord of Light, they are actually preparing for the inevitable battle with The White Walkers in The North. Their devotion to the Red God gives them hope that they are being prepared for the upcoming battle in The North and they need all the help they can get. Does this mean that The Hound will be a part of the expected end in The North?

Brienne Podrick

Elsewhere in the North, Brianne, and her squire Podrick arrive at Riverrun where the Lannister Army is preparing to lay siege to the castle. This prompts two reunions.

The first is between Podrick and Bronn. The two haven’t seen each other since they were both allies of Tyrion before his exile. Bronn teases Podrick about being intimate with Brianne, which is what Bronn would do in his place. Bronn also reminds us that Podrick is an exceptional lover and should go ahead with Brianne, to which Podrick rejects. He enjoys being her squire and respects her.

The second reunion is with Jamie Lannister and Brianne. The two have a strong appreciation for each other given the time they spent together when she was charged by Catelyn Stark to escort him safely to Kings Landing and they haven’t seen each other since season four. Now they are on opposing sides. Jamie is supposed to stop The Blackfish, while she is to recruit him to join Sansa Stark in The North. To avoid bloodshed, Brianne requests that she be allowed to go and talk with The Blackfish and talk some sense to him. Jamie warns her that he is just as stubborn as she is and gives her until nightfall before he goes to attack anyway. Brianne proceeds to give her sword “Oathkeeper” back to Jamie which he rejects saying that it is her sword forever. Jamie still has a strong respect for her. In another life, the two of them would probably have been a great couple. They are both bound by honor and are fierce warriors, but his love for his sisters makes that impossible.

Unfortunately Brianne’s please fall on deaf ears. The Blackfish is a proud man and tells Brianne that he would not be able to help Sansa either ways. Brianne then makes sure that Podrick gets a raven to tell Sansa that she will not be able to get The Blackfish’s support.

Elsewhere Jamie Lannister talks with his prisoner Edmure Tully. As the two trade insults with each other, Jamie gets the last word in. Jamie manages to convince Edmure that he will kill Edmure’s wife and unseen son if he doesn’t do what is asked. Finally broken, Edmure is release back to his castle where he orders his troops to surrender the castle without a fight. The Blackfish knowin it is a trap gets out of dodge early with Brianne and Podrick. In a last minute act of defiance, The Blackfish remains behind and dies offscreen. After Jamie has captured the castle he sees Brianne and Podrick escaping. Letting them go he gives Briane a wave, once again showing his respect for her even though they are on opposite sides.

Cersei and The Mountain2

In Kings Landing, the battle between Cersei and the High Sparrow continues to escalate. The first confrontation is between some of the members of The Faith and her. They request her presence, and when she rejects she unleashes The (undead) Mountain on them. One of The Faith attempts to attack him, but that pretty much does nothing but angers him. He proceeds to choke the poor soul and then rip his head off with his bare hands. The rest of The Faith retreat but they ultimately have the last laugh.

The next encounter is when Cersei comes into the great hall during her son’s announcement about Cersei and Loras Tyrell’s upcoming trials. Cersei, who was once one of the greatest chess masters on this show got played once again by the High Sparrow. The High Sparrow has her son Tommen so brainwashed that he outlaws trial by combat. Looks like she will have to fend for herself without The Mountain. It’s highly doubtful that she will let his services go willingly. Even though she was defeated, she looked towards her next move as she asks Qyburn if the rumor he was investigating is true. Qyburn confirmed that the rumor is true. But what is that rumor????


In Meereen, it looks like everything has settled down. Tyrion’s master plan of negotiating with The Masters has paid off. The Sons of the Harpy have stopped their senseless attacks and the city is safe. The East Coast Red Queen has a new priestess spreading the word about the great Daenerys Targaryen. This gives Tyrion something to gloat about. Varys is a little more cautious and warns Tyrion that The Masters are just as lethal as a straight razor, it could be used to shave, or it could be used to slice your throat. Varys departs to Westeros as he needs to coordinate and gain ships and allies for Daenerys.

While gloating, Tyrion engages Grey Worm and Missandei into drinking and telling jokes. The three of them could have their own sitcom because they work well together. As they are taking turns telling bad jokes with each other while drinking, they are interrupted by The Masters who have brought ships back to Meereen and are ready to take the city by force. As they barrage the city with flaming boulders, Tyrion and many of The Unsullied retreat to the pyramid. Now it’s time for Tyrion to eat crow and admit that he was wrong. As it looks like all is lost, yet another player comes forward. Daenerys has returned, and she enters the room like a pissed off mother who’s kids have wrecked the house.


In Bravos, Arya is down but not out. She barely survived Waif attack and seeks refuge with Lady Crane after she gives another performance from her play. Thankful for saving her life, she returns the compliment to Arya and nurses her back to health in secret. She even offers Arya a chance to leave with her theater company, but Aryn instead wants to travel as far away from the known world as possible. Arya decided that she will travel west of Westeros.

As she is almost back to her full health, Waif discovers where she has been and murders Lady Crane. Then Waif and Arya proceed to have a chase scene reminiscent of a horror movie and The Bourne Identity. As Arya’s injuries haven’t completely healed, she appears to be down and out. Waif corners her in the cave that Arya has been sleeping in since she’s been on the run. However, Arya still has her trusted sword Needle. After extinguishing the candle, we are left to wonder who the victor of the battle was.

The next scene is inside the temple of the Faceless Men, where Jaqen is remaining, he discovers the sliced off face of Waif on the wall of all the faces. Arya confronts him as he does confirm that he did order her death, but he then congratulates her on her success and tells her that she finally is No One, completing her training to become an assassin. Instead of joining Jaqen, Arya confirms who she really is: She’s Arya Stark, and he’s heading back home. Jaqen acknowledges and accepts this and Arya leave the temple.

It’s good that Arya is finally going to be leaving Bravos. Although she got some good fighting training, she belongs in Westeros and especially in Winterfell. Looks like all the Starks will the season back home in The North. Hopefully, Sansa and Jon Snow will survive and have a proper home to welcome Arya too.

What will Jamie do now that his sister is in deep trouble? Even though he has captured Riverrun, he probably will have to stay there for quite some time, and she desperately needs him now that her trial by combat option is off the table?

The Masters are officially done. Not only does Daenerys e back, but she has not only the entire Dothraki army but also her dragon’s back. She will probably unleash them and the other two dragons and wipe them out once and for all.

Dorne??? Anyone??? Bueller???

Next week’s episode titled “The Battle of the Bastards.” This looks like it will be yet the biggest battle ever on the show. We will probably not see much for any of the other storylines, but a massive battle between Jon Snow and Ramsey Bolton will be awesome!

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