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The arrival of the Ghostbusters reboot is just a little over a month away. So far we’ve seen the trailers, we’ve hated the trailers, the powers-that-be tried to fix the trailers and we continued to be dubious of the quality of this reboot/remake. Now, with the date fast approaching, it’s time for some television adverts. Check out the four TV spots for the 2016 Ghostbusters below.

Here’s the first of them:

And, as usually follows the first, here is the second:

Give a round of applause to the third trailer!

And, thank the gods, it’s finally almost over with the fourth:

Well, it doesn’t look like they’ve done much to make the movie look any better than the previous trailers made it out to be. In fact, it appears as if they’re going out of their way to show that this version of Ghostbusters is committed to borrowing some of the most memorable characters from the first.

Aside from the original cast, of course…

We’ve got Slimer (who has shown up in previous trailers), but we’ve also been shown a sneak peek at one of the original flick’s most iconic moments – A battle with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. And while the first movie made the arrival of such a ridiculous enemy clever, I have to wonder at why they’d choose to use him again this time around. Fan service? To add a sense of credibility to a movie that is almost universally reviled?

Or can we hope that his presence and some of the other elements shown in these trailers are attempting to connect the original franchise with the rebooted one? So far they’ve been pretty vague about whether this is a continuation or a reboot. Making it a continuation might make the movie a fair bit more palatable.

Then again, it could very well end up being the complete disaster that it so far appears to be. For those of us that are willing to pay the $10 to find out for ourselves, Ghostbusters 2016 opens on July 22nd.


Source: JoBlo Movie Trailers

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