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Love it or hate it, the folks at Warner Bros. have decided that there is no way in hell they’ll be mixing the television incarnation of the DC Universe with the big-screen version of it. Even though plenty of folks out there would love to see Grant Gustin donning the tights of The Flash or Stephen Amell making an appearance as The Green Arrow, it just ain’t happening. Funny thing is, Amell has recently commented on who he would play if he did get a chance to join up with the cinematic DCU, given his exemption from playing his most well-known role. Scroll on to find out the answer to this riddle.

In a recent interview with Cinepop, Amell was asked which character he would want to play if he made it to the big screen. His acknowledgement of The Green Arrow being off-limits was apparent, but his answer was actually kind of interesting:

I think all the superheroes are taken now. I’ll play The Riddler, okay? It’s a villain, but I like The Riddler.

It’s hard to see Amell wearing the question-marked tights of The Riddler. Even harder to imagine him as an obsessive sociopath with a penchant for vexing his enemies. Does he have the acting chops to pull it off?

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Personally, I couldn’t see Amell as The Riddler. He does a decent Green Arrow (considering what he has to work with as far as the writing on the show goes), but 24/7 crazy doesn’t seem to be his cup of tea.

What say the Nerd Readers? Could you see Stephen Amell facing off against The Dark Knight, mad and murderous all along the way?


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