Amber Heard- Mera

Recently model/actress Amber Heard has been in the tabloids related to her restraining order and impending divorce with actor Johnny Depp based on allegations of spousal abuse. Photos have already appeared online of her documenting of all the issues. As she and Depp as proceeding with the divorce, she still is an actress who has to make a living. Having been cast in the DC Comics film Justice League, Heard will be playing Mera. Comic fans know the character as Aquaman’s wife, and she will be first introduced in Justice League before appearing in the solo Aquaman film. Recently Heard has to put off a deposition related to her upcoming divorce because she had to fly to London for a fitting for the Justice League film.

Unfortunately, it looks like the stress of her rocky relationship might be putting her role in jeopardy. Heard has lost reportedly 20 pounds due to stress related to the relationship issues and as a result was allegedly told that she was not “camera ready” for the role. This could potentially place her in jeopardy from being removed from the film as she needs to handle her off-screen issues first and foremost.  Warner Bros has not confirmed if she remains in the Justice League film or not but we’ll keep an eye out.

Justice League hits theaters November 17, 2017

Source: TMZ

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