Toys, toys, toys! You want em’, we got em’! Well… we don’t actually have them but we know some folks that do. For your inner collector, for your affinity for plastic play things, and for your love pop culture treasures, Nerd is here with your weekly dose of brand spankin’ new toys/collectibles rounded up in this here feature we like to call “From The Toy Vault”. Head on through and get your fill of latest offerings from today’s hottest suppliers. It’s the stuff you want, the things you need, and all the things you really can’t afford to have.

ABOVE:  Negan has made is debut in AMC’s Walking Dead TV show, leaving series 6th on a cliffhanger. Rick and the group were circled together on their knees while Negan played a game of eeny meeny miny moe with his baseball bat. Someone got their head smashed in, but who? Dunno, season 6th went black right before the victim was shown. Fans of the comic will tell you who got got but that might not case here, as the show is much different than the comic.  Until all is revealed when The Walking Dead returns to television, there is always the comics. And what better way to relish in the arrival of Negan (from The Walking Dead Issue #100 where Negan extracts revenge on Rick’s group) than with this Walking Dead SDCC 16 Negan and Glenn set from McFarlane toys. Both characters bloodied; with bat, axe, and knife accessories. There’s also a squashed head with a popped out eye of a certain someone… the same someone who may find himself dead by the hands of Negan when Walking Dead comes back to the airwaves. [ToyArk]


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Kids today probably have no idea who Alfred Hitchcock is. They have no idea that he was the “master of suspense” and defined the film genre with such films as Psycho, Vertigo, The Birds, Rear Window, and more. Kids today just see the name and laugh because it has the word “cock” in it. For the rest of us more learned and culturally refined individuals, there comes this Alfred Hitchcock 1/6th scale figure from Mondo. Featuring Hitchcock  (bwahaha… “Cock”) in his signature black and white suit and a facial sculpt that perfectly captures his silent mystique, as well as his infamous turkey neck. Paired with the figure is a directors chair, a crow, a directors slate, knife, and two cigars. [SideshowToys]


George Carlin has long since left this word but in his time, he was one of comedies most sharply smart and influential comedians. He also had a budding career in TV and film. Some may remember him as Mr Conductor from Shining Time Station (Yes Kids, the guy who made famous “The 7 Words You Can’t Say On TV” was Mr Conductor) but he will most always be remembered for his role as Rufus in the Bill and Ted series, a the duos sage + guide from the future.  As part of “Bill & Ted’s Most Excellent” collection BluRay set featuring both movies, Shout Factory is offering this exclusive 8 inch tall Rufus figure from NECA.  [ShoutFactory]



The One:12 Collective line from Mezco continues its run of clothed and well accessorized super hero figures with this classic Superman figure. “Classic” meaning, that if you’re sick of seeing toys of Henry Cavill’s Superman on toy shelves, there is this figure based on the more traditional look of Supes in the comic – what with the square jaw, signature hair curl, and red underoos! This figure comes with a set of alternate hands and headsculpt (laser eyes), breakaway chains, kryptonite, bottled City of Candor, and ricocheting bullet effects. [BigBadToyStore]

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Mattel Toys is coming into San Diego Comic Con 2016 hot with their series of Hot Wheels from Marvel, DC, and Star Trek. Let’s see, there’s Hot Wheels Marvel Daredevil Character Car VS Punisher Character Car. The Hot Wheels Star Trek: ’64 Buick Riviera & Spock 1:64 Figure. And the DC DC Comics Harley Quinn “Daddy’s Little Monster” Hot Wheels car. Each car comes with unique packaging. Daredevil with his Brownstone building/rooftop, Spock with industrial background, and Harley Quinn’s gravity defying car hanging from a gymnast strap.  [MattyCollector]


Mattel is also at with another Comic-Con offering which includes two 6-inch figures—The Joker and Panda Man from Suicide Squad. Panda Man features flocking on his body and a rifle accessory. A Bat Mask is also included in the window box display package. Anyone else have a sudden craving for Joker-O’s? I bet they taste like Meth. [MattyCollector]

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The Amazing Spider-Man is always in the middle of the action, and this fantastic ARTFX+ presentation captures him in one of his most iconic poses. The heroic Peter Parker crouches low to the ground, ready to spring up at a moment’s notice. He also makes a great paper weight, defending your documents from the unrelenting assaults of wind and dis-organization.

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Pretty much all of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movies have a clear or underlying image of masculine homo eroticism (yes, even Kindergarten Cop)  but non perhaps as much Conan the Barbarian. Simple revenge movie predicated on muscle bound shirtless man in with a sword who gets laid a lot. A movie that showed that all anyone needs to having a body builder physique is be abducted at a young age, be forced to spin a grinding stone from 20+ years, then fight for survival in the gladiatorial arena. It’s that simple! Or, you can just stare at Arnold’s many muscles with this Conan statue from Pop Culture Shock, whichever you find easier.  . [PopcultureShock]

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The second assortment of figures have been revealed for “NECA’s Rocky 40th Anniversary” figures. Series 2 contains figures from Rocky IV. Series 2 will include Apollo Creed, Rocky Balboa and two version if Ivan Drago. Rocky 4 may not be the best of the Rocky franchise but it does feature one of the best training montages, sound tracks, and ends with strong anti-cold war message. That message being “I can change. You can change. Everybody can change”.  The movie also features a talking hand maid robot name Sico. Now when do we get a figure of that, huh?   It’s time. [Neca]


Voltron has made a resurgence thanks to the revised animated series on Netflix (its good by the way) but his cultural appeal has never died out. The sheer coolness in 5 robotic lions coming together to form the Defender of the Universe known has Voltron has always and will always be a lasting appeal. Standing at a tremendous 27” tall (that’s like two Ron Jeremy penises back to tip), the Voltron Maquette from Sideshow Collectibles unique interpretation of the iconic Defender of the Universe. Price at $1,250 the only that needs defending is your wallet. [SideshowCollectibles]




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