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“Pikachu, I choose you!” Many have been following the Pokemon franchise for quite some time. Since the release of Pokemon Red and Blue, on Nintendo’s Game Boy in 1996, it has been a fan favorite among all ages. After the video game, came the television series and soon after, a collectable trading card game. It has been a worldwide known name and people from all over the world have been exposed to at least one format of the franchise. Pokemon has stayed so popular, that it’s now hit its seventh generation. There are now 720 confirmed Pokemon existing in the universe. Now, that’s a lot of Pokemon!


The games have come and gone and changed over the years, but recent news is that there is soon to be a new way of catching Pokemon. A new app for smartphone users, called Pokemon Go! will be released in the future. This app will be a new and innovative way to explore the world of your favorite Pokemon. This new app will be somewhat of a virtual reality type of game. A scenario would be that you’re taking a walk down the street and you pull up your Pokemon Go app. The image that will appear on the screen will be of the area you’re in, much like a camera screen would show you. There’s one difference, though. Pokemon will appear in these areas that you’re actually in, on the screen of the phone. They will be able to be interacted with, and ‘caught’ so to speak in these natural environments.


So far, there has only been a Beta testing sign up for the game in America. Certain people have been chosen to test the game out and throughout the past week or so, there has been another announcement about the game. There is now a wristband device on pre-sale that connects with your phone.  The device lights up and vibrates when a Pokémon is nearby. You push the button to attempt a capture, and the device will respond with a blue light to indicate success, or a red light for failure.

There is an obvious benefit with this accessory, which allows you to be notified whenever a Pokemon appears, so that your phone isn’t always on the app.  On the other hand, it takes away the thrill of running into a Pokemon and seeing what you’re battling/hunting for.

You can pre-order this accessory on Amazon now for just $35.

Pokemon Go is set to be released in July of 2016.

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