There’s a new rumor floating around the Internet about Marvel and Netflix‘s upcoming Defenders movie. That’s the movie that will bring together the heroes of each Netflix series, Daredevil (Charlie Cox), Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), Luke Cage (Mike Colter), and Iron Fist (Finn Jones) to fight some evil in New York. This is another of those take with a big grain of salt Internet rumors so buckle up and let’s consider it. Word is that the Defenders will take on Mephisto in the movie, or at least he’ll be the big baddie behind everything that is going wrong with the city.


Here’s the insider quote from Screen Geek that claims Mephisto is the man with an evil plan in Defenders.

Marvel is talking about setting Mephisto as the prime antagonist for the DefendersSome may say that this villain wouldn’t fit the TV shows but that’s why they’re incorporating Iron Fist – to set up the supernatural elementThis would also help set up the next phase of the Netflix shows, as Moon Knight, Blade, and Ghost Rider are being considered.

Sounds reasonable, but that’s the key to a good Internet click generating rumor. If Mephisto was the villain, what might we expect? The Marvel Wiki says this about Mephisto:

Mephisto is an extradimensional demon of immense power who often poses as Satan. He continually schemes to make bargains with people for their souls. Mephisto especially covets the souls of heroes for their purity and has repeatedly sought the soul of the noble Silver Surfer. Mephisto has also contended with Thor, Doctor Strange, Daredevil, the Fantastic Four, and many others.


Back in 2007, J. Michael Straczynski and Joe Quesada wrote One More Day a Spider-Man cross-over story with a villainous Mephisto practicing his particular brand of evil. That story line rivaled the fan hate of the dreaded Clone Saga of the 90’s. What makes Mephisto so interesting as a Defenders villain is his long time connection to Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch).

Mephisto explains all I (Defenders 99)

The Netflix series so far have gone to great lengths to connect those series with the large Marvel Cinematic Universe, perhaps the Defenders is the movie that will fully connect the television and big screen by bringing in Doctor Strange. He would be the person one would go to if that person wanted to travel to Mephisto’s realm to kick his butt.

Again, this is all just speculation. Iron Fist is still shooting its first season and Luke Cage won’t premiere until September 30th. Iron Fist will bring a more metaphysical side of the Marvel Universe to the set of television series, but will it be enough to bring in Mephisto? Perhaps…

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