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One of the most unique and action-packed comic book movies will release in theaters this August. That’s right, I’m talking about the fan anticipated movie of the summer, Suicide Squad. This film features a special task force, made up of some of the worst super villains you could think of, to carry out missions under U.S. intelligence officer, Amanda Waller. Among these super villains are Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang and Killer Croc. They’ve been taken out of being incarcerated and sent on deadly missions. Are they more good than bad or more bad than good? Doesn’t matter. It sounds cool! The film could definitely bring the DC movie-verse back to life, depending on how well director David Ayer’s portrayal goes.

Among all the press and media put out about the film, there have been a few movie posters. Now a new spiffy IMAX poster, as well as several new character posters have been revealed.


The look of of the IMAX poster is very creative with a twist of dark humor. It shows what looks to be a bowl of cereal that resembles lucky charms with the marshmallow shapes. The bowl has the icons of each of the super villains mentioned in the film.

Interesting as the poster may look, it’s possible that it could lead to some possible issues. To us adults, it may look a bit childish. Using bright colors and making it about cereal could possibly be promoting the look of the movie toward children. Suicide Squad is definitely not geared toward children, however, the movie did have to be re-shot a few times in order to comply to the PG-13 rating it ended up with. Despite that one factor, the poster does have a very clean and colorful look. It really pops. It will certainly be on the wish list for every kid who drags their parents into Hot Topic.
Following the IMAX poster, Warner Bros. Pictures has released even more Suicide Squad character posters featuring all of the members of Task Force X. Check out this surly lot in the gallery below:

Be sure to catch Suicide Squad in theaters, August 5, 2016.

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