Familiar Face Gets a New Superhero Identity on ‘Arrow’


Last season of Arrow got mixed reviews from fans; some people didn’t like how far it strayed with the gritty realism of the first two seasons, and others hated the emphasis on the romance between two of the main characters (you know the ones we mean). So what has the show got up its sleeve for season five? It seems like it’s masks and more masks if these casting announcements are to be believed, and why shouldn’t they be? Now in the mix is a character we’ve already met, but who will come back to Arrow this season with a new secret identity. 

According to VarietyMadison McLaughlin will be returning as Evelyn Sharp in the fifth season’s second episode. You may remember McLaughlin from “Canary Cry,” the episode of the show from last season that dealt with the unexpected and untimely death of Black Canary. Sharp took the costume and name of the Canary to get revenge, for her own injustices, but this time she’ll be coming back with a new secret identity, the archer Artemis.

In the comics, Artemis is the villainous daughter of two Golden Age bad guys, Tigress and Sportsmaster, but modern audiences may be more familiar with the character from her starring role as a member of Young Justice on the animated series, where although she’s heroic, she still has a dark past. Artemis, and McLaughlin, will be on Arrow for a multi-episode arc, but whether she’ll be good or bad is another question entirely.

McLaughlin joins a growing list of new vigilante characters joining the show this season. Rick Gonzalez and Josh Segarra were previously announced as Wild Dog and as Vigilante respectively.

Arrow will return this fall on the CW.

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