I smell another origin story… New to the ever expanding roster of future heroes and villains that populate pre-Batman Gotham City in the Fox series Gotham is a woman named Vale. She’s a hard-hitting reporter that always gets her story, but this is not the same character that’s been a part of Batman lore since the 1940s and was portrayed by Kim Basinger in Tim Burton’s 1989 movie about the Dark Knight. In Gotham, our Vale is Valerie Vale, and she’s going to played by an actress who’s no stranger to superheroes, super-powers and adventuring. Jamie Chung has just signed on the dotted line to play Vicki’s inspiring Aunt Valerie!

As reported by TV Line, Chung join the ever expanding cast of Gotham as Valerie Vale. So who is Valerie Vale? “Gotham Gazette‘s newest hire, Valerie is a crackerjack reporter dead set on uncovering the truth behind Indian Hill. Confident and dogged, she will do anything to get the scoop, and soon sets her sights on Gordon, who she believes is the key lead in her story.” No word yet on whether “crackerjack” reporter Valerie’s niece will play a part on the show, but if she does, she will undoubtedly be added to the harem being developed by tween Bruce Wayne.

As for Jamie Chung herself, she may best be recognized for playing Mulan on ABC’s Once Upon a Time and for playing Ed Helms wife in the second and third Hangover movies. She also appeared in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For,  Sucker Punch and was the voice of Go-Go in Disney’s Big Hero Six.

Gotham returns Monday September 19 on Fox.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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