Pixels is the classic Hollywood tale of something interesting and new shoved through the Hollywood meat-grinder, mangled and twisted into something horrifyingly repulsive. Seriously, the only thing the Adam Sandler Pixels movie is good for is helping you get a nap in on a lazy Sunday afternoon. An afternoon so lazy you can’t bring yourself to exert the energy to reach for the remote to change the channel as you drift off into sleep. I found myself nodding off just watching this Honest Trailers look at the disaster that is Pixels.   zoom_review460

Here’s the Honest Trailer, which lays it all out. If Peter Dinklage and Sean Bean can’t save a movie, even for those short moments they are on screen, you know its bad.

Now take a look at what spawned that wreck of a movie and try to figure out how many Hollywood suits it took to screw the whole thing up. Wait, it only took one guy, Adam Sandler.

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