As you may have heard (it’s been in the news news), America is in the middle of its most contentious Presidential election in perhaps the entire history of the union. The only thing that presumptive nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton seem to have in common is that their both pretty thoroughly disliked by the electorate, but no matter how you feel about Clinton, a lot of people can probably agree that having a strong woman in the White House is a good idea. So how about the strongest woman in the world? Or at least the woman that played her on TV?

Long story short, Lynda Carter, who appeared on the classic 70s series Wonder Woman as the title character, is joining the cast of Supergirl this coming fall as the President of the United States. Not much is known about the character, but it will be a multi-episode term for Carter in the Oval Office. Securing Carter to appear on Supergirl is a goal unlocked for executive producer Greg Berlanti, who told the press last spring that we has looking forward to bringing the former Wonder Woman into the orbit of the Girl of Steel.

Carter has stayed consistently busy since hanging up her Lasso of Truth in 1979. She’s appeared in the series Partners in Crime and Hawkeye, and in films like Super Troopers and The Dukes of Hazzard. She was also the principal of Sky High and voiced characters in video games like Elder Scrolls III and the recent Fallout 4. The last time Carter appeared on a superhero TV show it was season six of Smallville, where she played Chloe Sullivan’s mother.

Tyler Hoechlin was previously announced to be joining the cast of Supergirl in the season premiere as Superman. Carter, meanwhile, will make her POTUS debut in episode three.

Supergirl takes flight on the CW this October.

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