Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a Frey at the Red Wedding? Well, now there is a texting service that can help you be a more terrible person than you already are. For just $0.99 you can anonymously send Game of Thrones spoiler filled text messages to the person of your choosing immediately after the end of the episode.

Spoiled says they were inspired by the story of the woman who got back at her cheating ex by texting Game of Thrones spoilers to him every Monday morning.

Considering the rabidity of Game of Thrones fans, this is a rather devious and horrible thing to do to an enemy and even worse to do to friends. But Spoiled caters to people who are terrible friends and it is a cheap and efficient way to get back at a cheating ex or that annoying coworker that microwaves fish for lunch every day.

With only one episode left in the season Spoiled has promised to post a poll to determine which show will be their next revenge tool.

You can even be a horrible person to your “friends” overseas as the service works on international numbers as well. Apparently evil deeds know no boundaries. And if all of that isn’t enough, you can follow @Spoiled_oi on twitter and enjoy hours of maniacal laughter as you read the reactions of Spoiled’s victims. The service shows now pity as people state how terrible they are for their part in spreading spoilers, but there are plenty of people who revel in torturing others and Spoiled is only too happy to help them out. Perhaps this is a good time to be nicer to those around you or at least consider changing your number.

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