X Men Apocalypse

X-Men: Apocalypse will not go down in cinema history as one of Marvel‘s biggest successes. Surrounded by a controversy about whether or not it was appropriate to show Mystique getting throttled in an area struggling with domestic violence, the turnout at the box office was low, to say the least. Many fans felt that there was something lacking character development and that part of the story felt somewhat rushed. Some even felt that Apocalypse’s final downfall happened too conveniently for such an epic villain.

But for all that, it was still an entertaining movie. A great tour de force, with all the excitement and explosions you could want from a superhero blockbuster.

And no one can deny that the graphics and the computer animation were abosolutely on point.

Magneto’s soaring chunks and chips of iron, Quicksilver’s lightening speed rescue mission around an exploding building, seeing power seep into the very veins of Apocalypse as he acquired the abilities of mutants around him. Some truly incredible feats of art and animation were incorporated into this movie.

Stylistically, many of the characters were garbed in chic, dark toned outfits, rather than the more colourful costumes of their comic book counterparts. While the overall look was definitely striking, it didn’t bear too similar a resemblance to the original material.

Now, fans have an opportunity to see what the film could’ve looked like.

One of the concept artists, Joshua James Shaw, released an image of alternate designs for Cyclops and Mystique on his Facebook fan page.

Joshua James Shaw artwork

Another concept artist, Jared Merantz, took to his ArtStation page to share some of his early artwork of Apocalypse.

Jerad Merantz artwork

While the movie brought the story into the 21st century, these new releases offer a bit of a glimpse of what it could have looked like if the art style had taken a different route, or maybe even where the X-Men could go in the future.

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