We’ve already examined Spider-Man’s live-action costumes, ranking Tom Holland‘s Spider-Man from Captain America: Civil War as the best iteration yet. The eyes, small logo, non raised webbing, the entire head and mid-section of this suit is about as Silver Age as one can get. It’s perfection! No need to change it. Maybe Marvel, for the first time in their Cinematic Universe, feels that way too. Where every super hero  gets a new costume every time there is a new movie, Spider-Man may be immune to the obligatory costume upgrade this time around.   Thanks set photos popping up on Twitter  from Spider-Man: Homecoming, which is currently filming, we just got our first look at Holland in costume… and he’s looking all too familiar.


Yes… even super heroes have to adjust their balls.

Looking closely at the costume, the mid-section from torso to shoulders are unchanged from what was seen in Civil War. Even the distinguished black accents on the wrists, elbows, top of biceps, and upper calfs are there; as well as defined lines across the oblique, legs and buttocks are the same as they were. So yep, it’s pretty clear, this is the same costume Tony Stark gifted Peter Parker in Civil War.

It is , of course, presumptions and a tad arrogant to think that Spider-Man won’t get a new costume in Homecoming. Toy companies like Hasbro need to sell new toys, and they can’t really do that if they’re recycling figures from movies past. In that respect, it is virtually guaranteed Spider-Man will get a new costume.  It’s likely that the costume from Civil War will be worn from the start of the movie and then involve into something else midway through the movie.

As far as the set photos go themselves, Spider-Man appears to be near some sort of construction zone of sorts. He is shown sitting inside of a concrete tube and in the other shots, he is standing near them. Perhaps this is a throw back/easter egg to the opening theme from the 1967 series animated series where Spidey catches a falling I-beam from a skyscraper:

Nah, that’s too obscure a reference. You’ll note in the same set photos that Spider-Man is toting a tan colored back-pack. Being that Homecoming is Spider-Man the teenage years, Parker is either on his way to or from Highschool and has to stop to do some Spidey stuff. Maybe uses the pipe as a changing station?

Spider-Man: Homecoming, set for release on July 7, 2017.

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