There’s the old axiom in drama that says if you don’t see the body, the person in question is not really dead. There’s an unspoken addendum to that rule though: if you see the body lose a hand and then be tossed out out 1,324th story window by Force lightning, it’s okay to assume its dead even if you don’t ever put eyes on a cadaver. But someone is making a case for the former, at least so far as Mace Windu, the Jedi master from the Star Wars prequels is concerned. Samuel L. Jackson wants you to know he’s ready and willing to return to the role, as soon as one *minor* problem is resolved.

While doing a Twitter Q&A as part of an obligatory round of press for The Legend of Tarzan, Jackson was asked the question, “Who’s idea was it to kill Mace Windu? Just curious. He’s a great character.” The answer was obvious.

“As in most Star Wars movies it was George Lucas‘ idea to kill Mace Windu,” Jackson explained. “He said that he killed all of these other important characters in these other movies leading up to that. And he said the only person left to kill that would mean anything in Episode III would be me. I was trying to figure it out. ‘Really? Can’t you just like, injure me or whatever?’ In my mind, I’m not dead. Jedis can fall from incredibly high distances and not die.”

Uh, so can Batman, but if you cut off his hand and push him off a roof, is he going to have the wherewithal to turn his cape into that glider dealie? It makes you think. Jackson, of course, has been a huge booster of Star Wars, before and after his appearance in the prequels, and with Disney looking for spin-off material to keep their one Star Wars movie per year promise, Jackson is making the case for a Windu comeback.

“Of course he is [alive],” Jackson said noting “a long history of one-handed Jedi.” More than that the actor says he’s got the okay to re-establish Windu as alive and well should Disney ever wish to take advantage of the situation, but he’s only talked to one person about it so far. “Only George [Lucas]. But George doesn’t have anything to do with it anymore. George is like, ‘I’m okay with that. You can be alive.'” So the idea he may be sleeping is a bit of a stretch.

Whether or not Disney will be okay with bringing Windu back for a new movie is another story, but they’ve been talking about making a Boba Fett movie for years and the last time we saw him he was being eaten by a giant mouth in the ground… I guess we’ll want and see if Windu will be the next, great one-handed Jedi.

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