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Do you love The Walking Dead? Do you have Sunday nights cleared so you don’t miss a moment of Rick Grimes & Co.’s nightmare journey through a post-apocalyptic landscape? Do you dream about hordes of ravenous zombies? Would you love to step inside The Walking Dead and have undead creatures gnaw the flesh from your bones? …Whoa. Weird. Anyway, now you can visit the world of The Walking Dead (flesh gnawing not included …probably). AMC‘s massively popular show is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood in the form of a fully immersive attraction. A couple of newly released videos allow you to check out a full walk-through of the attraction from the relative safety of your rolly computer chair before deciding if the real thing is something you could stomach in person. Check out the harrowing videos below!


That’s some intense stuff, which shouldn’t really be surprising considering that the Walking Dead attraction is brought to you by the same theme park that planted visitors right in the middle of King Kong’s rampage, a Jaws attack, and a trip back to the future in a DeLorean! This year-round attraction is set to open on Monday, July 4th, because apparently there’s no better way to celebrate the birth of America than with a bunch of self-serving monsters hellbent on mindlessly consuming each other. However, this isn’t The Walking Dead‘s first appearance at Universal Studios; a Walking Dead maze has been an extremely popular attraction during the Studios’ annual Halloween Horror Nights.

So if you want to experience the thrill of fighting for survival without the actual peril of fighting for survival, visit the Walking Dead attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood for a rare opportunity for a safe encounter with zombies (barring any freak accidents or natural health problems, of course).

Are you excited for this coming attraction? Will you be visiting?

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