John Carpenter Calls ‘The Walking Dead’ A Rip-Off

John Carpenter is a name and a man who is quite synonymous with the horror genre. He’s directed some of the the finest films in horror such as Halloween, The Fog, and The Thing. So whenever the man speaks up about anything regarding the genre, people tend to perk up and listen. When asked about his opinion regarding one of televisions biggest, horror hits, The Walking Dead, he basically referred to the show as a rip-off, and one that has been milked for a long time.

The comment came during an interview on the podcast WTF With Marc Maron. Here’s what he said exactly,

“[The Walking Dead] was a movie that George Romero made back in 1968. And they have milked that, and they are still milking it.”

Of course, Carpenter is referring to the 1968 film Night Of The Living Dead. The horror genre and zombie themes have gotten so big over the years that you could almost call anything close to it a copy. Carpenter has made some interesting remarks in the past. He once had called Friday the 13th a “cynical attempt to replicate” his movie Halloween.

john carpenter
As far as Carpenter’s comments go regarding how much Romero’s film has been “milked,” don’t think of it as being milked, but more like paying homage to such a great film. In today’s Hollywood, originality has gone out the door. Remakes are everywhere, and ideas are being recycled only years apart. So is it anyone’s surprise that a show like The Walking Dead exists? Remember, it started out as a graphic novel, and there weren’t any complaints then.

Take it as you will. With a grain of salt or enough to cause an explosion.

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