It wasn’t a great weekend for Steven Spielberg. His latest film, The BFG, finished behind Finding Dory, The Legend of Tarzan, and The Purge: Election Year to end up fourth at the box office, and that’s not good when your last name’s Spielberg, who, admittedly, has had disappointing returns before. So let’s stop focusing on the past and look ahead to Spielberg’s next film, Ready Player One. Based on the fairly popular novel of the same name by Ernest ClineReady Player One has been described as Willy Wonka meets The Matrix, and it comes loaded with 80s references. So if you’re one those people anxious to see this one – good news – principal photography on the film has already begun.

Very sneakily, while The BFG was opening in theaters everywhere last Friday, production on Ready Player One was already a week old. At least that’s what we’re meant to believe from the social media account of co-screenwriter Zak Penn. Here’s the tweet from Penn.

That’s hardly insightful into what’s going with the production, or what they just finished shooting last week, but it does confirm that production has officially begun on the film, which should make fans of the book very, very happy. But what’s Oology? According to our old friend Merriam-Webster, an Oologist is “a person specializing in the study of birds’ eggs.” As in Easter eggs. It’s a subtle reference to the film’s plot about how players in the fictional future game OASIS take part in Halliday’s Hidden Egg Hunt, a virtual treasure hunt to see who gets to take control of the media empire of James Halliday, OASIS’ creator. Mark Rylance plays Halliday in the movie, while Tye Sheridan plays Wade Watts, one of the numerous people all trying to solve Halliday’s final puzzle.

Ready Player One will be in theaters everywhere on March 30, 2018.

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