In case you haven’t seen it, we’ll start this off spoiler-less. In the season finale of The Flash, Barry Allen did something that not only will affect the future of The Flash, but will likely affect the future of the other DC Comics shows on the CW as well. But since Barry’s recklessness in May, we have yet to hear why or how, or even if, there will be an impact on Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow. Perhaps we will have to wait until October to know for certain, but Green Arrow himself, actor Stephen Amell, recently told a gathering of nerds that yes, “Flashpoint” will affect Arrow as well. 

To preface this, let’s recall that at the end of Flash’s second season, Barry went back in time to finally stop the Reverse-Flash from killing his mother, the same thing he did in the DC Comics crossover storyline Flashpoint, which resulted in widespread changes in the DC Universe. So given that, and the fact that the season three premiere of The Flash is entitled “Flashpoint”, it would not to unreasonable to expect that changes are coming across the board.

At the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in New Jersey this past weekend, Amell an inquiry was obviously about what impact Barry’s time travel adjustment dabbling would have on his show. According to, Amell was asked if “Flashpoint” will affect Arrow, and he said “sure.” On follow-up, Amell was asked “majorly?” and he said, “You bet.” Obviously, he didn’t go into details, but “majorly” could mean anything from a major resurrection to a shift in the status quo. What if Tommy Merlyn was still alive? Or what if Oliver Queen never lost control of Queen Consolidated?

In the comic book Flashpoint, Oliver Queen was an inventor who stole the tech and weapons from C-level super-villains and repurposed them for his own bottomline by selling the specs to the government. Other changes in Flashpoint included Bruce Wayne being killed as a kid and his father Thomas becoming Batman, Superman being locked in a government facility since his arrival on Earth and essentially being powerless, and a pending war between the Atlanteans and the Amazons. So what effects will TV “Flashpoint” have on the CW? I guess we’ll find out.

Arrow returns this October on the CW.

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