Here’s a good news/bad news situation, though the powers that be would likely want you to focus on the good news. Fans of the CW‘s very popular line-up of shows were disappointed, angered and upset earlier this year when the network’s deal with Hulu expired, and it looked like a new one would not be reached. Given that a lot of people watch their favorite CW series in the days following its network airdate on Hulu, it seemed like people were going to have to either pirate those programs or, God forbid, get a cable account. So the good news is that all the shows presently on the CW’s schedule will now be coming to Netflix. The bad news? They won’t be coming as soon as you’d like.

In an exclusive deal, Netflix is now the streaming partner for the CW, and that includes their entire 2015/16 line-up, new and returning series. There is a catch though. The season will only be available in its entirety once the show in question has aired its finale. (Eight days after its finale to be precise.) This will mean a big change from the way fans currently enjoy many of those CW shows, which is to watch the new episode the next day on Hulu after it airs on the CW. Now, everyone will have to wait until the full season has aired in order to catch-up, and in some cases, that could mean waiting till next June. The suits in charge of the CW seem pretty stoked about it though.

“Since the initial landmark deal in 2011, The CW’s programming has enjoyed tremendous success and increased exposure through Netflix, and our new agreement not only continues but enhances this valuable relationship,” said Mark Pedowitz, head of the CW. “The CW has positioned itself for the future by transforming into a true hybrid network, rooted in broadcast while fully embracing the digital and streaming habits of the viewers.”

“We are pleased to extend our valued partnership with Netflix for CW programming with more CBS-produced series, led by award-winning and critically acclaimed ‘Jane the Virgin’ and ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” added Scott Koondel, CBS’ Executive Vice President and Chief Corporate Content Licensing Officer. “This multi-year agreement recognizes the value of our content and it validates the marketplace’s confidence in our studio’s long-term ability to produce high-quality content. This unique windowing will further extend the CW brand and fan base throughout the television season while providing better in-season exclusivity for our broadcast affiliates, MVPD partners and potential OTT opportunities. We look forward to continued success with Netflix on this partnership well into the future.”

The CW launches new seasons of Supergirl, Jane the Virgin, The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend along with new shows No Tomorrow and Frequency this fall. New seasons of The 100, The Originals, Reign and the Archies-inspired Riverdale will bow at midseason.

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