We first talked about Riri Williams and her reverse engineered Iron Man armor back in May, now it is official. Williams, the 15-year-old mechanical genius that dropped out of MIT after building her own Iron Man armor from scrounged parts around the University, will become Iron Man when Tony Stark decides to step back after the events of Civil War II. Brian Bendis and artist Stefano Caselli will relaunch Invincible Iron Man #1 with Riri Williams as the gal in the Iron suit.imvim2015_promo-600x911

This week’s issue of Invincible Iron Man has Riri in her first interaction with bad guys:



Now we’re gonna see a lot of fanboys, or those that think they are fanboys, or those that just want to complain to complain, having a cow over this whole change, but let’s remember that other people have taken on the mantle of Iron Man and Tony has always returned to the super hero armor he was born to make and wear. In fact, Riri isn’t even the first African-American to don the Iron man armor.



Then of course we could look at the women that have worn Iron Man’s armor or armor made by Tony…


Now Pepper didn’t take on the role of Iron Man, but she did wear the armor in the movies and in the comics Tony made her some very special armor.


Even Black Widow had some armor made for her.


Now this is a bit different from assuming the mantle of Iron Man, and I would argue that Riri should be called Iron Woman or some other superhero name, she is one in her own right. Hopefully we won’t see Iron Person as one of the names, except as a joke from Bendis. Aside from that name thing, Riri will be interesting to watch. By the end of her run, she should be comfortable as a hero and ready to assume her own identity in the Marvel Universe. Once Tony comes back that is.

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