It only took a whisper from Nick Fury to shatter Thor’s world, and we’re still waiting to find out exactly what the Watcher knew about Thor, but now it seems there’s a new hammer on the horizon for our favorite Odinson. Writer Jason Aaron and artist Olivier Coipel might just have the answers we’re all seeking, Thor and Thor fans alike, in the new The Unworthy Thor series.thor77

In a recent interview with I09 Aaron had this to say about the character:

But we also know he’s on a quest to figure out who he is, without Mjolnir. And striving to become worthy again. So, you know this book really kicks off by him finding out— you know what, there’s another hammer out there— there’s another Mjolnir. It sets him off on the thing, so… is this it? Is this how he becomes worthy? How he becomes Thor again? That’s one of the big questions driving the book.


Yep, that is the Ultimate Thor’s axe/hammer, another universe’s Mjolnir. Aaron explained where the hammer is and how it got there:

Well, you know, it was— by ending the Ultimate universe, we knew we were kind of given this lump sum of those characters. So, part of my goal with Thors was [to do] the final story for Ultimate Thor. We talked about wanting to make those Secret Wars miniseries mean something in terms of the bigger picture still unfolding, that they weren’t just four random issues you could forget about named Thors. I wanted something big to come out of Thors that would affect our characters going forward, so that turned out to be a hammer. This is just a great, great beast of metal.

So to have that somehow fly through the events of Secret Wars and land in the normal Marvel Universe, which we saw at the end of Thors, at Old Asgard— of course it went back to Old Asgard, but the old Asgard, nobody lives there. So, it’s just been sitting there, all this time.


While this additional Thor title The Unworthy Thor runs, don’t worry, even the Marvel writer acknowledges that the two titles should merge and bring Unworthy-Thor and Jane-Thor back together.

I think the story of the Odinson searching for his hammer is very much his story. Jane is off dealing with her own stuff right now. But definitely you can expect to see each of the characters cross paths again.

Well, yeah, I mean I think you can expect it to be a big thing. He’s been gone for months. To see him again is going to be a big thing. You know?

This was always kind of the plan. These characters have been set on very specific paths. It will take them apart sometimes, other times, they will come smashing back together. Right now they’re dealing with their own stuff… but expect them to come smashing back together pretty soon.


Aaron wraps it up by commenting on his time on the Thor book and his love of the character.

I’m not sure how to answer that! It’s the same big story I’ve been telling from the very first issue of Thor. I’ve been on Thor for four years, five years? At this point I forget. From God of Thunder to Thor, to Mighty Thor, Thors thrown in there… different books, all still one big story. But this is the same thing.

This is not about trying to do a different kind of story, or apart from what I’ve been doing, it’s still the same thing. I love writing Thor. I’ve loved it from the very first page of God of Thunder. I love it just as much, if not more, now, as my Thor plans have grown, and gotten bigger… we’ve still got a long way to go, hopefully. Another year is supposed to be the end of my run on these characters. There’s so much I want to do! This is all still the same story I set out to tell all those years ago. It’s just the next step.

Are you ready for Thor… I mean Odinson to get his hands on a weapon he’s worthy of, or better still a weapon worthy of him.

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