Pokémon Go Finally Available in the US

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Pokémon Go might be one of the most long-awaited games the world has ever known. Now that the first generation of Pokémon trainers are – at least – in their 20s, in charge of their own data plans and free to decide how far they want to roam, an augmented reality game that lets you catch your very own Pokémon in the real time is well overdue. Since Nintendo first announced they were working on a game like this, Pokémon fans all over the world have been buzzing waiting for their chance to fulfill their childhood dreams to be the very best, like no one ever was…

Beta testing began in March 2016 in Japan, then in New Zealand and Australia, and fans in the rest of the world have been ravenous for leaks about what they can expect from the game ever since.

In the morning of July 6th, Japan, Australia and New Zealand were treated to news that Pokémon Go would be available in their App stores. All day, people posting photos of the Pokémon they met and caught, the first snaps of their very own Pokémon journeys.

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After a day of torture for some hardcore fans, it was released in the US App stores tooon the evening of the same day , so America’s enthusiasts can now finally take the first steps on their own Pokémon adventures.

Europe is still waiting for an official release, though some of the more impatient fans have already unofficially downloaded it via the APK code. This has caused some issues with the servers, which will hopefully get resolved shortly as the last countries left get their own official versions.

The game is free to play and, so far, there have been no outright complaints about any restrictions imposed by the in game purchases, which offer the option to buy extra PokéBalls and other useful items. Trainers can travel to real world locations to capture Pokémon, as well as training in Pokémon Gyms and – once people are getting nicely settled in – even compete in big group competitions.

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