‘Ghostbusters’ Heard You Trolls Loud and Clear


Ever since the upcoming female-led Ghostbusters reboot was announced, it was met with open hostility. Whether it’s nostalgia for the original and the rejection of a reboot, or the outright sexism against an all-female cast, there is a significant group not excited for the upcoming film. The first trailer was one of the most disliked Youtube videos ever made after all. While some (including original Ghostbuster Dan Aykroyd) are telling fans to give it a shot, many are not feeling the new movie… and the writers and actors of the new film know it. So they decided to do something about the endless internet comments.

Spoilers ahead!

Ghostbusters Reading Online

Upon the initial outbreak of rage, the writers decided to change a scene to reflect the hate they have received. The changed scene of the film focuses on an uploaded Youtube video of the new Ghostbusters fighting ghosts and the endless Youtube commenters voicing their disgust. The girls will be reading the mean comments for comedic effect. This is a little truth meets art added for the film to tackle the negative outburst the film has received.

Melissa McCarthy explains:

“It was added [to the script].
We did something on the day that slightly tweaked it,”

Kristin Wiig also added:

“I feel like the part was in [the script] already. But we changed what was said.”

Having worked with Paul Feig in the Bridesmaids film, they know that the script is always changing, and the comments were able to impact the film as McCarthy explains.

“[The script] is very loose. I think it’s how most of us work. You have a great script that [Paul] and Katie Dippold wrote, and then what’s so great about Paul is that on the day, we get what’s written and he says, ‘now have a little bit of fun with it’. It doesn’t mean you go wildly off topic or try to switch stories, but you can change it up just enough to really surprise who you’re talking to.”

Ghostbusters will be released in theaters nationwide July 15, 2016

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