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It has not been a good start for the 2016 remake of Ghostbusters. It’s still not out yet but it’s already had horrific backlash across the board. From legitimate criticism suggesting that the new movie just isn’t funny enough to compare with the original to outright sexism blaming all the film’s faults on its four female leads, there’s hardly been a new piece of information about the release that hasn’t been torn apart. The most recent aspect to come under attack has been the all new theme tune, written and performed by pop punk band Fall Out Boy and hip hop artist Missy Elliott.

If the aim is to modernise the original theme tune, then the artist choices aren’t that unpredictable, when you think about it. After all, Fall Out Boy’s work on the score of Big Hero Six wasn’t half bad and gave us ‘Immortals‘. Missy Elliott, on the other hand, has done more production work than actual performing or writing in the past decade, so isn’t a particularly current voice.

The song is an upbeat, kind of modernised version of the original, with clear nods to the classic content, performed in a new style complete with a rap interlude.

It has had, to say the least, a mixed reaction, with comments on the YouTube video ranging from “Patrick sounds really damn hot” to “The more Ghostbusters stuff comes out, the more bleach looks appealing”.

To get a professional’s view on the matter, Inside Edition spoke to Ray Parker Jr, who wrote the original theme tune. He’s provided some big shoes to fill. His original piece was only supposed to be in the movie for about 20 seconds, but was considered so catchy that the director asked him to make it into a full song.

It has since become iconic.

It was at number one in the charts for three weeks, then stayed at number two for another three weeks after that. It was nominated for an Academy Award, but narrowly lost it to Stevie Wonder.

Ray Parker Jr describes the song as “Interesting.”

“I’m not going to say it’s good or bad,” he says, with an admirable level of grace and tact. “I’m just gonna say well maybe I’m an old guy now and I like it the old way.”

Even though he hasn’t been creating all that much recently, he even hinted that he thought the song could’ve been better with his input: “I wish they had called me to maybe work with some of the younger guys and help them get a direction.”

Regardless of how much better it could have been, this is the theme tune that the 2016 Ghostbusters has and it won’t be long now before we’ll be able to tell for sure if all the fury is justified.

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