Groovy! More Evil Dead Coming To A Tabletop Near You


Good news for Evil Dead fans out there! For years fans of the Evil Dead franchise have been begging for a fourth Evil Dead movie. What they got instead was a TV series Ash vs Evil Dead which could potentially offer years worth of Ash battling the forces of evil. And the dead. If that wasn’t enough, fans will soon be able to play as Ash and battle those deadites in a new board game published by Space Goat Productions.

The game, based on Evil Dead 2, is described as a tile and miniature based survival horror game made for 2-6 players in gaming sessions from 60-90 minutes. Players can choose their favorite character from at least 8 custom figures and must work together to survive demon attacks, various supernatural events and avoid becoming deadites themselves all while trying to gather the pages of the Ex-Mortis. If all the pages are found then players will be able to open a portal to banish the Kandarian Demons and win the day, kiss the girl, take home the trophy. Or maybe just be satisfied that they didn’t become deadites.

The game is officially licensed and made with permission from the rights holders at Studio Canal and although the Kickstarter is already fully funded fans are still able to back this project and get access to exclusive, geek filled bonuses when the game is released. And if a standard edition is too standard for you, Space Goat Productions is providing a deluxe edition which includes an Ex-Mortis Game Box and a combat Ash miniature.

Be sure to check out the official Kickstarter video below for more information and a look at the game itself.

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