Looks Like More ‘Ghostbusters’ In Our Future


Yes, we all know that predicted that the Ghostbusters movie was going to be terrible. The Internet rage directed towards this film was prevalent throughout much of its marketing campaign. For the most part, the director, cast, and producers remained silent and wanted the work to speak for itself instead of getting all caught up with the message boards. Now that the film has premiered and screened for the press, it looks like Ghostbusters is actually a pretty good film. Hopefully, this will silence the naysayers and everyone can go see the movie this weekend with an open mind. The producers of the film are already looking forward to the magic word: “franchise.”


Producer Amy Pascal states that the possibility of developing a franchise surrounding the new female-led Ghostbusters is “endless.”

I have waited for this moment for a year! People are going to love this movie so much that’s they’re going to demand more and more.

Even the original Ghostbusters are interested in seeing where these ladies can take the franchise as Ernie Hudson states:

It’s great to finally have a film that moves the franchise forward.“It’ll be something the fans are going to love. I know there’s been a lot of different reactions, but when they see the movie, they’re going to love it.

With a possible newfound excitement in the world of Ghostbusters, Sony is wasting no time with possible sequels, spinoffs, and everything in between. There already has been talks of an animated movie, an animated television series, and even a spin-off to the current film in addition to a possible sequel.

Director Paul Feig also states that this film will get the “extended edition” treatment as well.

There will be [an extended cut], and it will be a good 15 to 17 minutes longer than the theatrical feature.

Looks like Ghostbusters is here to stay!

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