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The CW‘s The Flash has been ground breaking for televised comic adaptions. While it was originally aired as a spin off of Arrow, its ratings are consistently high and it has won awards, not just as niche interest piece for superhero or sci fi nerds, but as a TV Drama. Committed to keeping the stories that made the comics so popular at the heart of the show, it draws in both travelled comic readers and new fans alike with its state of the art CGI, masterfully scored soundtrack and genuinely loveable characters.

Part of what makes the plot so gripping is the way it incorporates so many different aspects of The Flash comics, which famously feature more than one character to don the bolt emblazoned mantle.

The series specifically tells the story of Barry Allen, played by Grant Gustin, though he is certainly not the only speedster you can to know and love.

The sci fi element of the show has certainly left a lot of room for alternate speedsters, a lot of which has already been exploited. Eobard Thawne’s Reverse Flash, portrayed by Tom Cavanagh, came from the future, while Jay Garrick’s own version of Flash, played by Teddy Sears, was from an alternate universe.

The show’s creators do not shy away from giving other characters super powers, either. While Earth-Two’s Cisco Ramone shows up as Reverb, Carlos Valdes‘s original gradually discovers his own powers as Vibe. Out the in the multiverse, Danielle Panabaker‘s Caitlin Snow also has a super alter-ego, parading as Killer Frost.

Over the two seasons aired so far, a pattern has certainly been emerging that any character with powers in the comics will – sooner or later – develop metahuman powers themselves or will be revealed to have a super doppelganger.

So when Keiynan Lonsdale‘s Wally West showed up on his estranged father’s doorstep for dinner one fateful episode, the seeds were sown in the minds of all seasoned Flash fans that one day he’d have some speed of his own.

On July 23rd 2016, these suspicions were confirmed, as The CW released the first images of Wally West as Kid Flash.


The Flash was officially renewed in March 2016 for a third season, where Wally will make his first official appearance as Kid Flash in October this year.

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