Most everyone has already decided that the rebooted Ghostbusters movie by Paul Feig is complete trash, going out of there way to hate this movie before they’ve actually seen it.  And to be fair – every trailer, spot, and piece of marketing up to this point has been a hard sell to those loyal to the original movies. However, people seem to forgot that Ghostbusters already brought some suffrage to the franchise long before Paul Feig had anything to do with it – namely with the weak sauce of a movie that is Ghostbusters II. A carbon copy of the first movie but, you know, not as good.

Don’t take our word for it. Let the critical tirade of Honest Trailers open yours eyes to just how bad a movie Ghostbusters II was.

That feeling, when you go to the internet and suddenly find out, that Ghostbusters 2 is hated. Sure, there are tons of people who never considered GB 2 a bad addition to the franchise and you, reader, might be one of them. But… Honest Trailers has a way of calling out the things you love and fitting them into the Emperor’s New Clothes.

Regardless of whatever ScreenJunkies or the Internet tells you, GB gets a unnecessary bad rap.  It’s not a raging dumpster fire by any means, it’s watchable and has its moments. Kind of like the same way people have a love/hate relationship Gremlins 2.  This one wasn’t as great as the first, but as kids, we watched it again and again.  Sure, the plot is the same as the original, but you still have the same great actors and characters. Half of the fun of the original was the chemistry between these great comedic actors and seeing their distinct characters interact.When you were a kid Ghostbusters II was a fun two hours and it helped cement some actors’ names into further legend.

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